The Best Pear Shaped Engagement Ring in 2021

Your engagement ring will probably be the most important piece of jewelry you will ever own, so choosing the “pearfect” one for you is a big decision.

Today the options for engagement rings are endless. You will need to choose a metal setting, a gemstone, the cut of your stone, and the overall style of the ring.

If you are reading this article, you are considering a pear-cut engagement ring. You are now one step ahead and have chosen the pearfect shape of your stone.

The pear shape is sharp on one end, elongated, and then round on the other end, resembling a teardrop. Not all tears are bad, many tears represent happiness and joy.

This beautiful pear shape is not as common as other styles such as a round brilliant or oval style cut It is considered a fancy shape and it will definitely be a statement piece.

The pear shape is not lacking in sparkle and shine as it has the same amount of facets (58) as a round brilliant cut, for example.

The elegant elongated shape of the pear is very slimming, making your finger appear longer.

It is usually worn with the point towards the fingertips, but there are no hard and fast rules. You can wear it any way you “pearsonally” like.

Another interesting fact about this cut is that you can get a larger pear-shaped stone for the same price as a smaller round stone for example due to less waste occurring when the stone is cut.

This pear also has the illusion of looking larger than other shaped stones of similar weight.

If you have fallen in love with the pear shape and are still unsure of the rest, no need to worry – we have done the work for you. We feel certain that by the end of this article you will have all the answers to your most important questions and will just know which is the pearfect pear-shaped ring for you.

Carry on reading or jump straight to our number #1 pick here.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring?

Criteria #1: Type of Gemstone

You will be wearing your engagement ring every day, and it is therefore important to look for a gemstone not only that you love, but that is also hard enough and can withstand the small bumps and scrapes of daily wear.

The diamond is the hardest of stones and is one of the reasons diamond engagement rings are such a popular choice, but there are many other choices that are nearly as hard and durable.

Criteria #2: Best Metal Setting

Your engagement ring should, like your marriage and love, last a lifetime. Look for a precious metal that will last and can be resized, because let’s face it, not all of us will remain the exact same size throughout our lives.

Platinum, yellow, white, or rose gold, and sterling silver are all excellent precious metal options.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

We have searched for the most popular and most stunning pear-shaped engagement rings currently available, and included a wide array of different options for different budgets and styles.

Go ahead…read on and find your pearfect match.

#1: Thin Classic Solitaire Ring (Best Classic Engagement Ring)

A traditional engagement ring is a solitaire diamond set in precious metal. If you want an engagement ring that that is classic with an edge, this one is simply stunning.

What sets this ring apart from other traditional engagement rings is the gorgeous fancy shape of the solitaire pear diamond. This solitaire ring features one gorgeous pear-shaped diamond (0.40-carat weight) which is in a basket-prong setting, raising it above the band and making it the showpiece of this ring.

Set on a petite band in your choice of either platinum, 14K/18K white, rose, or yellow gold, the sky is the limit in terms of choosing a gorgeous precious metal setting.

Reason #1 to Choose the Thin Classic Solitaire Ring: Traditional Setting

If you are looking for a setting that will never age or go out of style, this pear-cut solitaire diamond ring will always be a classic.

Reason #2 to Choose the Thin Classic Solitaire Ring: Solitaire Stone

If you want your pear shape stone to be the center of attraction, this setting is simple, sleek, and places all the attention on the beautiful pear diamond.

Seeking a simple and traditional solitaire engagement ring with an unusual cut? This ring in all its classic pear glory will make you want to say yes.

#2: Teardrop in White Gold 2.50 Carat (Best Engagement Ring)

The queen of bling, Elizabeth Taylor once said, “Big girls need big diamonds.” If you want your fiance to put a pear diamond rock on your finger, this incredible brilliant pear-cut diamond ring has a whopping 2.50 carat stone.

This exquisite pear diamond is prong-set, raised, and surrounded by an angelic halo of diamonds giving the center pear diamond an even larger appearance.

Like our first choice, this glamorous ring is set in your choice of 14K/18K rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

Since there is no such thing as too many diamonds, the sides of the ring are iced with even more sparkling diamonds halfway down each side of the band.

You also have the option to include a special engraving on the band of your ring, for an extra special touch of sentimentality.

Reason #1 to Choose the Teardrop in White Gold 2.50 Carat: Biggest Diamond

If you are looking for a large pear diamond, this is the biggest natural pear diamond on our list.

Reason #2 to Choose the Teardrop in White Gold 2.50 Carat: Halo of Diamonds

If you love the idea of surrounding your pear diamond in even more diamonds, this is the only ring on this list that has a full halo of natural diamonds.

So, if your budget is massive and you want a pear-shaped diamond to match, this is a fabulous choice.

#3: Milgrain Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring (Best with Sapphires)

Your heart is set on a pear-cut diamond engagement ring, but you would also like a pop of color for that extra wow factor. If so, we have the pear diamond ring for you.

This gorgeous pear-shaped diamond comes in your choice of carat size depending on your style preferences and budget.

What makes this ring extra special and sets it apart from our other rings, is that it is set with 2 royal blue sapphire accent stones. The sapphires are surrounded on either side with a delicate vintage style setting featuring accent diamonds set in a unique marquise and milgrain setting.

The milgrain setting uses a classic technique where small beads of gold are placed for decoration along the edges of the setting for a unique and detailed piece of jewelry.

This stunning pear cut diamond ring is set in rich 14K white gold.

For the pearfect pear when you get married, you can complete this ring with a gorgeous matching diamond and sapphire wedding band.

Reason #1 to Choose the Milgrain Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring: Sapphires

If you want a pop of color in your pear-shaped diamond engagement ring, this is the only ring on our list that has beautiful, attention-grabbing, blue sapphire, accent stones.

Reason #2 to Choose the Milgrain Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring: Vintage Style

This is the only ring on our list that features a detailed and delicate milgrain pattern with a marquise-shaped accent diamonds setting.

If you love vintage-styled jewelry with a unique design and a splash of color, this ring has plenty of character and glamour.

#4: Diamond Cluster Pear-Shaped 14K Rose Gold, White Gold, or Yellow Gold Engagement Ring (Best Low Cost)

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If you love pear-shaped engagement rings but you don’t want to break the bank, you can still have an amazing diamond pear-shaped ring for a fraction of the cost of our first four choices.

The bigger the diamond, the more expensive the ring. Another dazzling way to have a ring that isn’t too petite but still full of diamonds is to go for a cluster ring.

A cluster ring is a combination of many small diamonds making up the shape of the ring.

Like our first two choices, you can have this ring crafted in your choice of 14K rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

Three different levels of sparkling diamonds give this ring a shimmering pear shape and plenty of dimensions.

The split side of the band is covered in even more diamonds, and the rise between the top and shank has a unique swirl design, adding even more style and detail to this special ring.

Reason #1 to Choose the Diamond Cluster Pear-Shaped 14K Gold Engagement Ring: Budget-Friendly

For a price that won’t empty your pockets but will fill your heart, this diamond cluster ring is much more budget-friendly than our first 3 options.

Reason #2 to Choose the Diamond Cluster Pear-Shaped 14K Gold Engagement Ring: Pear Shaped Diamond Cluster

This is the only ring on our list that is constructed from a cluster of diamonds to form a magnificent pear shape.

If you want a ring that isn’t too petite and or too expensive, this diamond cluster ring is a beautiful choice.

#5: Natural Alexandrite Diamond Ring (Best Natural Alexandrite)

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Not all engagement rings are made with diamonds. If you want a gemstone as rare as a diamond with mysterious color-changing properties, look no further than this magical natural alexandrite ring.

In the daylight, it will glow in a blue/green color and by candlelight, it will change to a red/purple color.

Alexandrite is not as hard as a diamond but is still considered a hard gemstone on the hardness scale, so it is a good choice for a ring that will be worn daily.

This gorgeous natural raised prong-set alexandrite (0.26 carat) is set in shining 14K white gold and encased in an open halo of gold and 3 glimmering accent diamonds completing the halo on one side.

This unique and magnificent piece of jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity and a box to store your ring.

Reason #1 to Choose the Natural Alexandrite Diamond Ring: Natural Alexandrite Stone

This is the only ring on our list to feature a breathtaking natural alexandrite stone in a brilliant-cut pear shape that will change color.

Reason #2 to Choose the Natural Alexandrite Diamond Ring: Gold Open Halo

A gold open halo that completes with 3 accent diamonds is very unique and the only ring we have seen in this beautiful design.

If you are not only looking for an edgy cut for your engagement ring but also a statement stone, then look no further than this one of a kind gorgeous alexandrite engagement ring.

Budget Options

You don’t have to break the bank to look like a million dollars. Here are our favorite picks for the best budget pear shaped engagement rings.

#1 Best Budget: Pear Shaped Moissanite Ring

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Moissanite is fast becoming a very popular choice of stone in jewelry making and styles as it is nearly as hard and just as sparkly as diamonds but at a much more appealing price.

Although initially moissanite was a meteorite stone that was discovered in a crater and used up, the only way to get your hands on moissanite today is via lab-created moissanite.

It is chemically identical to the original gemstone, and is found at 9.25 on the hardness scale (diamonds are 10), making this stone ideal for everyday wear.

This gorgeous pear-shaped moissanite stone (1.5-carat) is basket prong-set at a raised level and surrounded by a slightly lower full halo of glittering moissanite stones.

The band is made of sterling silver plated in either white or rose gold. It is also laced with moissanite stones that extend half-way down both sides of the band, for that extra shine and luxury.

If you are looking for an out of this world stone that looks like a diamond, but won’t cost the earth, this one is a fantastic choice.

#2 Best Budget: 14K White Gold Created Emerald Open Halo Ring Pear Shape

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If emerald green is the color of your dream ring and a pear cut is what you want, look no further. This beautiful ring stars a 1.25 carat created emerald. Created emeralds are identical chemically to natural ones, but the created ones are more durable due to their having fewer fault lines than in natural emeralds which can cause the stone to chip and break.

This fabulous stone is set in 14K white gold and surrounded by an open halo of topaz accent stones.

The shaft of the ring is paved with more topaz stones that cover half of both ends of the band, making this stone a spectacular piece of jewelry.

If you want to make everyone green with envy, make this created emerald pear-cut engagement ring the talk of the town.

#3 Best Budget: Swarovski Zirconia Sterling Silver Halo Engagement Ring

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Cubic zirconia is a man-made diamond, but what makes Swarovski Zirconia so special is that it is expertly cut by the same company that cuts Swarovski crystals. This is considered the best quality cut cubic zirconia available, giving the stone incredible shine and brilliance.

Featuring a 0.80-carat, brilliant-cut, pear-shaped Swarovski zirconia, surrounded by a halo of cubic zirconia stones that extend half-way down the split shank, anyone would adore this beautiful piece of jewelry.

Set in rhodium-plated sterling silver, this ring will not tarnish or mark your finger.

You will receive a lovely box to store your special ring.

If you want an expertly-cut, pear-shaped, cubic zirconia by Swarovski, at a price that will make you very happy, you will not be disappointed by this stunner.

Is a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Definitely Right for You?

Just like when you knew your fiance was the right person for you, you will have the same feeling when choosing the shape of your engagement ring.

Pear-shaped engagement rings are one of the most unusual shapes, however, it is still considered a classic shape and has just as much fire and shine as a brilliant-cut round stone, for example.

Only you will know if a pear-cut engagement ring is pearfect for you.

However, if pear-shaped engagement rings make your heart flutter, then this is definitely the style for you.

Verdict: Your Best Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

We think that on a balance of striking, classic features and for an attractive mid-range price, the Thin Classic Solitaire Ring is our choice for the best value out of all the pear-shaped engagement rings on this list.

If you want the biggest pear-shaped diamond halo ring, pick the Teardrop in White Gold 2.5 carat.

If you need a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring with sapphire accents, pick the Milgrain Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring.

If you would like a cluster diamond engagement ring, choose the Diamond Cluster Pear-Shaped 14K Rose Gold, White Gold, or Yellow Gold Engagement Ring.

If you would love a pear-shaped alexandrite diamond engagement ring, pick the Natural Alexandrite Diamond Ring.

If you want to keep the spend under $400, pick the Pear Shaped Moissanite Ring.

If you would like to keep the spend under$250, pick the 14K White Gold Created Emerald Open Halo Ring Pear Shape.

If you need to keep the spend below $100, choose the Swarovski Zirconia Sterling Silver Halo Engagement Ring.

Choosing the perfect pear shape engagement ring is such a personal choice. We feel certain that choosing any of the pear-shaped engagement rings on this list will leave you permanently happy.

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