The Best Meteorite Engagement Ring in 2021

Deciding to marry someone is meant to be a lifetime commitment, and it is often expressed by the giving of an engagement ring. Traditionally the ring is made out of precious metal and features one rare and beautiful diamond as the center stone.

Today however we are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to options for engagement rings. Countless types of ring designs and stones are being used to express true love. For most people, the rare and beautiful precious stones and metals found in the earth will suffice, but for some, the perfect ring is literally out of this world.

Occasionally space debris finds itself colliding with our planet, and some of the material survives in the craters left behind. The meteorite material is made of a combination of nickel and iron crystals which form as the meteorite cools over the years. This process is what gives the meteorites such a beautiful and unique pattern.

Choosing the perfect meteorite engagement ring will depend on your personal taste, budget, and preferences. We have put together a list of the most stellar and magnificent meteorite engagement rings available. After reading this article you should feel more than equipped to choose a ring that will take your relationship to the next dimension. Go ahead – reach for the stars!

Carry on reading or jump straight to our number #1 pick here.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Meteorite Engagement ring?

Criteria #1: What Type of Meteorite?

There are different types of meteorites, and some are not composed of hard enough material to be used in jewelry. Seymchan and Gibeon meteorites are the most popular in the making of meteorite rings as they have more nickel and are less likely to rust.

Criteria #2: What Part of the Ring Contains Meteorite?

When choosing a meteorite ring, there are various styles and options. The entire piece of jewelry can be made out of meteorite material, or it can be used as a center stone or an inlay with other precious metals.

Criteria#3: It Needs to be Properly Maintained

The meteorite material contains iron which is very susceptible to rust. You should be aware that this jewelry should not be exposed to water for long periods. This means you will have to remove your meteorite rings when bathing or washing dishes.

Over time it is inevitable that some rust will occur, and your meteorite rings will need to be taken to a jeweler for their beauty to be properly maintained and restored.

Criteria#4: Fake Meteorite

There are a lot of people selling fake or imitation meteorite rings and jewelry. Try to choose a seller that can provide an authentication certificate for your meteorite wedding and engagement rings.

Criteria #5: Ring Size

It’s important to make sure that your order your ring in the correct size. While some product designs can be resized, others can’t. Other product designs don’t allow for easy resizing, and some metals like titanium cannot be resized at all.

Some jewelers suggest being fitted by three different retailers and see which two out of three are the correct size and go with that one.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Meteorite Engagement Ring

We looked at many different meteorite rings that are on the market now and only featured the most exquisite and unique rings made with a genuine meteorite.

#1: Meteorite Engagement Ring, White Gold Band with Meteorite Stone (Best Value)

If you are looking for a traditional engagement ring that is simple and beautiful but with an intergalactic edge, you will not be disappointed with this product.

Made in gorgeous 10k white gold and featuring a round cut 6mm Gibeon meteorite with a four-prong setting as the star of the show and center stone, this ring will definitely turn heads.

The meteorite is polished to reveal a unique and beautiful natural pattern.

The Gibeon meteorite is a meteorite that hit the earth during prehistoric times and fell in Gibeon, Namibia. Found by the Nama people, they utilized this otherworldly material to make strong tools and weapons.

n 1836 this material was tested and officially confirmed to be of extraterrestrial origin.

Since then meteorite was viewed as an excellent product for making jewelry and rings due to its beautiful and unique Widmanstatten pattern that shows itself when polished.

Reason #1 to Choose the Meteorite Engagement Ring, White Gold Band with Meteorite Stone: Traditional Design

If your heart is set on a meteorite being the center of your ring, but are still looking for a traditional engagement ring design, this is the one.

Reason #2 to Choose the Meteorite Engagement Ring, White Gold Band with Meteorite Stone: White Gold Band

A white gold band is a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings and gives the ring an elegant silver look which enhances the grey shades of the meteorite.

This is a simple and elegant choice for anyone who is looking for an out of this world engagement ring with a meteorite.

#2: Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring with Meteorite in Platinum (Best Engagement Ring)

Diamonds are the most desired stone to use for engagement and wedding rings because well, diamonds are forever and this commitment is forever, which is very symbolic.

However, if you want to take your wedding commitment and ring even further, beyond this world, then a diamond ring with a meteorite inlay is the perfect marriage.

To add even more of a wow factor, this ring not only has three magnificent diamonds, the center one being a 5.5 mm prong set high-quality Sl1 G-H color and clarity, and two 2.5 Sl1 G-H accent side diamonds, but the band is crafted from platinum, a metal even more precious and expensive than gold.

Lining the 4.5mm platinum band is a stylish inlay of 3.5 mm wide polished Gibeon meteorite that truly finishes this ring in stellar style.

Reason #1 to Choose the Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring with Meteorite in Platinum: It has 3 Diamonds

Unlike our first product choice, if you have a higher budget and really want meteorites and diamonds, then this is the ring for you.

Reason #2 to Choose the Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring with Meteorite in Platinum: The Band is in Platinum

Like the first product, this one also features meteorite, however, this ring has a platinum band, which is even rarer and more expensive than our first choice which is made of white gold.

If the sky is the limit in terms of budget and materials and you particularly want a mixture of diamonds and meteorite, look no further.

#3: Couples Aquamarine, Gibeon Meteorite Rings Wedding Set (Best Wedding Meteorite Rings Set)

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So you decided that a meteorite ring will be the perfect way to show off your love and commitment and now your fiance is feeling a little left out? Not to worry! You can certainly share the joy with a simply gorgeous matching his and hers wedding meteorite rings set.

These Aquamarine, Gibeon Meteorite Couples Rings are absolutely a one-of-a-kind wedding rings set.

The men’s ring is a 4mm wide comfort fit band, which means that the edges are rounded for optimum comfort. The band is crafted from strong titanium with a polished Gibeon meteorite overlay that extends all the way around the ring. To add even more uniqueness to this ring, it has a center white round opal that is bezel set in 14k white gold, with two aquamarine stones on either side (also bezel set) in stunning 10k white gold.

Like our first choice, this woman’s ring is made from exquisite 10k white gold. It is 4mm wide and like our second choice, it has a Gibeon meteorite inlay. The wavy design of the inlay is 3mm wide and also extends all the way around the ring. The center stone features an amazing rough and unpolished sky blue aquamarine stone that is in a four-prong basket setting, which elegantly lifts the stone to a higher position on the ring giving it different and interesting dimensions.

Reason #1 to Choose the Couples Aquamarine, Gibeon Meteorite Rings Wedding Set: His and Hers Wedding Bands

Seriously, what is cuter than perfectly matching with your perfect match? These are the only wedding bands on this list that feature his and her meteorite engagement rings.

Reason #2 to Choose the Couples Aquamarine, Gibeon Meteorite Rings Wedding Set: Aquamarine and Opal Rings

These are the only rings on this list to showcase breathtaking aquamarine and white opal stones that complement and enhance the beauty of the meteorite inlays.

If you like to do everything together as a couple, then don’t settle for only one amazing meteorite engagement ring. Get this matching his and her rings set.

#4: Starry Night Ring with Meteorite Moon and Stardust (Best Low Cost)

This meteorite ring is a show stopper, and it can be yours for a more affordable price than the first three options. Just because it’s a less expensive option does not mean you are going to look any less glamorous.

This ring celebrates the sun and moon by actually using elements only found in space. The 12mm center of the ring is round and made into the shapes of the moon and sun and is set in durable titanium.

The moon is crafted from a polished Gibeon meteorite and shows off the meteorite’s unique natural patterns. The sun shape is made out of stardust. Stardust is made using a mixture of meteorite shavings and enamel which creates a sparkling glitter-like look.

The stardust can be made into different colors, and you will be able to express your individual style with a choice of 8 incredible colors.

Reason #1 to Choose the Starry Night Ring with Meteorite Moon and Stardust: It’s Affordable

Compared to our first three options this meteorite ring will still shine, without costing the earth.

Reason #2 to Choose the Starry Night Ring with Meteorite Moon and Stardust: It has Stardust

This is the only meteorite ring on the list to use meteorite in two ways – in its solid form and as shavings mixed with enamel. This also allows you to add a pop of color to your ring.

If you want to light up the night sky and your romance for a price that won’t put a crater in your pocket but will put a genuine meteorite ring on your finger, this is a fantastic option.

#5: Lucia Gibeon Meteorite Ring (Best 18k Yellow Gold Ring)

This design is timeless and will never go out of fashion, but the meteorite inlays will always ensure that this ring has an out of this world something special.

This glorious ring is the only meteorite ring on this list that is set in classic and timeless 18k yellow gold. The yellow gold gives the rounded Gibeon meteorite inlay an elegant and striking contrast and makes it stand out even more than the silver-color settings.

The center stone is a gorgeous diamond set in a raised bezel setting, giving this ring different and interesting angles. The sides of the ring featuring the meteorite inlays have a slightly rounded profile which gives this ring very elegant and soft shapes.

Reason #1 to Choose the Lucia Gibeon Meteorite Ring: 18k Yellow Gold Setting

This is the only ring on the list that has meteorite set into classic and beautiful 18k yellow gold.

Reason #2 to Choose the Lucia Gibeon Meteorite Ring: Designer Ring

This ring is the only one on this list that is sold in a designer collection on the very well-known jeweler Brian Gavin’s website and is made and designed by Chris Ploof who is a jeweler known for using unique combinations of metals and meteorites.

If you have found the “one” and your love has that something extra special and you want to show that love with a ring that also has something extra special, this is the one.

Budget Options

So your love is endless, but your budget isn’t? That’s okay, you can still have a magnificent engagement ring with meteorite that will symbolize that your love reaches the stars for a price that won’t make you hit rock bottom.

#1 Best Budget: Silver Meteorite Ring

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This intergalactic ring features a genuine meteorite fragment that is unpolished and kept in it’s beautiful, natural, and irregular form.

The setting is made from solid sterling silver and will be handmade and set according to the very unique shape of your piece of heaven.

The meteorite used in this ring is from Campo del Cielo, a crater created when a meteorite hit earth in Argentina 5000-6,000 years ago. It was found in 1576. Surviving pieces of this meteorite were found in 26 craters and consist of 92.6% iron, 6.68% nickel, 0.43% cobalt, and other trace elements.

Handmade in hammered and polished sterling silver, this engagement ring is guaranteed to be a unique piece of jewelry. You can order an extra wedding ring band that will perfectly fit the shape of your unique meteorite engagement ring.

If your love is unique and natural, you should have a ring to match, and this one is just perfect in all its natural glory.

#2 Best Budget: Genuine Natural Gibeon Moldavite Meteorite Adjustable Ring

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This meteorite engagement ring is absolutely out of this world adorable.

The design of this unique piece of jewelry would suit all women, not only because it’s stunningly beautiful, but because it’s adjustable. Let’s be honest, not all of us are going to remain exactly the same size throughout our lives, and what could be better than a ring that will easily adjust to you? You’ve already found your perfect fit in a person, so simply pull open your ring to find your perfect fit on your ring.

Like our first budget choice, this ring is also made from gorgeous sterling silver. One side of the ring is set with a stunning round, green moldavite, and the other side is designed with a heart-shaped piece of meteorite, which is beyond cute. The band is crafted in spiral designs, which add to the character of this exquisite piece of jewelry.

If you have found your perfect fit and want a stunning meteorite ring with a perfect fit too, your search ends here.

#3 Best Budget: Meteorite Gibeon Copper Plating Ring

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If your heart is set on a meteorite ring and you don’t want to spend the earth, we have found a beautiful, handmade, and genuine meteorite ring for under $50.

Like our first two budget options, this ring is also made from shining sterling silver. It is set with a pear-shaped natural Gibeon meteorite. The pear-shaped meteorite is polished and bezel set on a raised position to even better show off your otherworldly stone.

To add to the beauty and originality of this ring, the artist has plated the meteorite in copper, giving this meteorite ring a truly unique appearance. The copper plating retains the meteorite’s natural patterns and seals it in gorgeous shiny copper.

So, are you looking for a ring that screams that you are over the moon for your fiance? Then this meteorite ring will rock you.

Is a Meteorite Engagement Ring Definitely Right for You?

Nothing says, ”I’m over the moon for you” quite like a meteorite ring. Meteorite rings are definitely statement pieces. Not only are they unique pieces of jewelry, but they are a very symbolic and meaningful way to show your commitment.

If you love the look of them and are aware that they need to be maintained and kept out of the water, then there should be no reason why a meteorite ring isn’t a great choice for women and men.

If you love someone to the moon and back, then show that love with a stunning meteorite ring.


Of all the amazing meteorite rings in this article, on a balance of simple style that would suit most people and a mid-range price, we think that the best value for money is the White Gold Band with Meteorite Stone.

If you have a higher budget and want the best of the best, choose the Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring with Meteorite in Platinum.

If you want a men and women’s wedding rings set, pick the Couples Aquamarine, Gibeon Meteorite Rings Wedding Set.

If you are looking at meteorite rings set in yellow gold, choose the Lucia Gibeon Meteorite Ring.

If you want to keep the spend under $800, pick the Starry Night Ring with Meteorite Moon and Stardust.

If you want to keep the cost below $400, choose the Silver Meteorite Ring.

If you want to keep the spend below $100, pick the Genuine Natural Gibeon Moldavite Meteorite Adjustable Ring.

If you need to keep the cost below $50, choose the Meteorite Gibeon Copper Plating Ring.

As in your search for the perfect person where you have found a love that can’t be contained to the limits of this world, you need a ring that symbolizes this love. A meteorite ring is a perfect way to show that your love reaches beyond the stars, and we think choosing any of the meteorite rings on this list will infinitely rock your world.

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