December 17, 2014

Welcome to the NEW A Polished Plan website!

What an exciting and highly anticipated day for A Polished Plan as we launch our redesigned brand and website for the world to see! This project has been a labor of love since this past July when we decided that our hardworking little logo could use a make-over. And of course, like any sensible OCD, Type A, over-planner, we couldn’t just stop with a new logo since obviously everything needs to match! Soooo….6 months later and partnerships with some seriously creative people, we are incredibly excited to unveil the finished product!

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The biggest transformation was our little logo, formerly known as “aPp”. It has served us well over the past 4 years and this break-up did not come easily! But once we discovered the incredibly talented artist in Abany Bauer of Brown Linen Design we knew that she could create something that more accurately reflected the style and scope of A Polished Plan. And we are absolutely delighted with our new logo, her grown-up big sister, simply known as Polished.

connecticut wedding and event planner


And then came the huge, monster sized, all-consuming task of tackling the website. We wanted to update the overall appearance and offer our users new and fresh content and imagery with a sleek and streamlined user experience. BUT, and this was a big BUT, we wanted to stay true to our original brand that was set in motion back in 2010. This meant that our friendly little Polished tree, our color story, and the overall mood and ambiance of the Polished story had to stay in tact. Sounds easy, right?! Wrong! The only woman crazy enough, errr incredible enough, to take on the task was the lady who made it all happen back in 2010. The magnificant Deb Wagner of dstripe.

And well….the rest is history! 6 months, hundred of photos, pages and pages of copy, one thousand emails and phone calls, and countless “what do you think about this?”, or “how about we try this?”, and more patience and technical talent than one single person should probably ever have….and we’ve got ourselves the new Polished website! Deb, thank you for making the process for the second version of the Polished website just as wonderful as the first time around. See you in another 4 years?!?!?

We hope you enjoy it and can’t wait to hear what you all think!


the Polished team

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