December 20, 2012

Wedding Attire Requests….Demystified!

Beach Formal? Black Tie Optional? Casual Chic? Rustic Semiformal? What in the world are they asking me to wear NOW?

Ok, Ok…so the last one is totally made up (I hope?) but what about the others? If you received an invitation with the attire clearly requested- would you know what to wear? Or, better yet, if YOU are the one doing the requesting at your event or wedding- do you know what you are asking? Take the time to educate yourself so you arent surprised (or embarrassed if you show up dressed in the wrong thing!)

We found this handy graphic on Pinterest via a local planning resource in Nashville, Wedding 101 and we LOVE it!



So the next time you get an invitation in the mail, or are the one mailing the invitation, be sure to check this out before diving into your closet!


Until then…aPp

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