November 22, 2012


A quick post today to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!

While I try to make an effort each and every day to look up at the sky (at whoever may be listening!) and say THANK YOU for the privilege of being present in this world, I do think it is also important to stop today to give thanks. In an official capacity!

My list is long (I am a lucky lady!) but summarized here. I am thankful for….

  • My daughter Nora. Who is the most wonderfully confusing and rewarding addition to my life. She teaches me something new every day about how to be a better person and a better mom. My life is infinitely more complete because she is in it.
  • My wonderful husband and extended family, siblings, and parents. I am ME because they helped to shape me into the person I am today. I am most definitely a work in progress but I am certain I am a better person because of all of them.
  • My job. My company. And all of you. Not a day goes by that I don’t recognize how lucky I am to have a career that I love. I am constantly challenged and energized by the clients I meet and the events that I plan. Every day is different and I simply love that.
  • My health. After a difficult and scary birth with Nora, I am reminded again how fragile and amazing the human body is. I am thankful that mine allows me to take strong deep breaths, hug and snuggle my daughter and husband, and run like the wind on a summer day.
  • Our country. Every time I turn on the news, I am reminded how lucky I am to be an American. We sure have enough of our own problems as a country, but no where else in this world are citizens afforded the same luxuries and opportunities that we enjoy every day.

So if you haven’t already, stop and look up at the sky and make your own mental list of thanks. And remember it each and every day, not just today.

And enjoy that Turkey feast today! I know my diet is officially ON HOLD. Gobble, Gobble.


Until then….aPp

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