July 25, 2012

Beautiful People. Beautiful Events.

There are some days when you feel compelled to count your blessings.

For no other reason than to say THANK YOU to whomever might be listening.

I am fortunate enough to say that my gratitude list is quite long. There are a lot of things tied at the top for #1.

One of those things is the pleasure of working with incredibly beautiful people day after day and getting to call it my “job”. I recently received the images from the amazing Michelle Gardella Photography from the wedding of aPp’s client and friend: Annie & Andrew. While it will take me weeks to compile my favorites from the plethora of  too-good-to-be-true images to put together a blog post, this one jumped off the screen and just made me smile. One of those really big toothy grins too.

Beautiful people make beautiful events. Nothing else really matters. Honestly. The next time you feel yourself stressing about table linens or cake flavors, please remember that.

Thanks for reminding me of that and more, Annie & Andrew. Can you get married every year?!?!?!

Until then…aPp

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