March 15, 2013

aPp turns 2 years old today!

On a monthly basis, I have been torturing my sweet little daughter Nora with photos of her propped up in a chair with a sticker stuck to her onesie declaring her age by month. Lucky for her, I only have stickers going up to 12 months or else she would be a teenager and still sitting in this chair with a smirk that says something like… “Really, Mom?” But for now, she plays along with good ol’ Mom.

Nora 4 months old

And it’s at a moment like this when I feel like karma should be knocking on my door, kick me in the butt, and have me posed with a sticker stuck to my aPp onesie (!) declaring the company’s age….


 a Polished plan turns 2 years old today!

What a wild journey this past year has been! I am forever grateful for the clients and friends, both old and new, who have made aPp’s second full year in business such a wonderful success! What a pleasure it has been working with so many new clients and creating so many merry celebrations! aPp has grown in both the number of events we are doing annually and the types of events we are doing. While we will always have a special place in our Polished calendar for weddings, we are thrilled to also be busy with birthday parties, mitzvahs, anniversary parties, themed dinner parties, etc. We are energized by the exciting challenges and opportunities that new types of celebrations bring!

It’s about this time each year that I sit and do a New Year’s Resolution type exercise for aPp. It becomes a wonderfully jumbled list of not only my goals for the next year but also my lessons from the previous year. What to do and what not to do. It is such a valuable “time out” and really helps to keep things streamlined and focused. So in completely random order, here goes:

-Spend more time on the fun stuff and less time on the not-so- fun stuff. Obvious, right? But not so when you are juggling 15 different vendors and contracts for something like 10 different events at once. Its easy to get lost in the paperwork.

-Open my eyes more often. Really open them. Inspiration is everywhere. I find it in the most bizarre and strange moments when I let my mind wander. Which leads me to my next one…

-Not all who wander are lost. It’s a cute ‘Life is Good’ tagline but one that I dont regularly embrace. How can you ever find something if you never let yourself wander into the muck and get lost now and then? I’m going to turn off my metaphorical GPS occasionally and see what beauty I stumble upon.

-Take the time to really get to know clients. You think you know- but you have no idea. I love the element of surprise, when a client says something that makes me stop and go…Hmmm, really? But I also love to be able to anticipate what they want/need without them having to say it. The time you put into a relationship is a direction correlation to what you get out. And that’s the truth.

-Say THANK YOU. Each and every day. I get help from different people in different ways every single day of my life. Sometimes I ask for it and sometimes I dont. But every single bit matters. It’s important to let those people know that you appreciate everything they do. If they know you appreciate them, then they will appreciate you. It’s a beautiful circle.

I am practically  bursting at the seams with excitement for the Polished plans of 2013!! So much joy and beauty to look forward to. Come along for the ride, won’t you!?

Until then…


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