Meet Sarah

In 2010, A Polished Plan was born from my genuine desire to “do” event planning fundamentally differently. To work with my clients to design and plan the type of event that you want and NOT what the latest wedding blog or trending Pinterest board says that you should want. My proposal is simple: let’s throw the rulebook out the window! If you want to do a potluck dinner for catering, bring on the casseroles! A reception in your high school cafeteria, lets do it! My goal has always been to be my client’s advocate, sounding board, and visionary to bring your event to life in a positive and engaging experience.

My career in event planning began many years ago as a conference and meeting planner in Greater Boston. I traveled extensively and learned the ins and outs of event planning in a fast paced environment. I was later hired as the sole event planner for one of the largest and most prestigious private country clubs in Connecticut. It was there that I perfected the art (and importance) of having “a polished plan” while coordinating hundreds of events each year, from intimate dinner parties to sophisticated corporate events to lavish weddings. The creation of A Polished Plan perfectly blends together my passion for the little stuff with my ability to envision, design, and execute the whole story of an event.


pizza (extra cheese, zero guilt)
the color Kelly green
flea market pickin'
Netflix binge sessions
donuts (and coffee. together, please!)


laziness (you only live once. just do it already!)
shoveling snow
going to the dentist
snakes (biggest fear in the world)
knick knacks & clutter


my adorable children, Nora & Nate
my handsome husband, Zack
my mom & dad
my 3 older sisters (my best friends)
my daily to-do list (my other best friend!)
My everyday mantra: A little more right now, a little less what’s next.
(For someone in the business of planning ahead, this balance is an everyday struggle. But an important one.)
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