June 13, 2011

a Wedding Planner’s “Bag o’ Tricks”

Now we all know how much I appreciate a good bag. Clutch, Satchel, Purse, Tote, Suitcase- you name it. I love ’em all and would find an excuse to buy a new one each week if my husband would allow it (wink)! But the most important, most treasured, and most coveted bag of all? My bag o’ tricks hidden away inside my “weekend warrior” Longchamp tote!

The only people who love this bag more than I do are my brides! This bag (ok sparkly clutch/cosmetic case- but let’s not split hairs here) comes with me everywhere I go during an entire wedding weekend- ready and waiting to be of service to anyone who needs it! Though I never was a Girl Scout, I find their motto resonates with wedding planners too: Always Be Prepared.

The “tricks” in the bag change depending on the time of year, particular needs/requests of the wedding party, and my “gut” feelings/anticipation about the wedding. The only thing too big to fit in my bag o’ tricks? My green & white striped umbrella, just in case of rain! But you better believe I always have that with me too!

Here is a run down of a wedding planner’s MUST HAVE items to effortlessly get through any little dilemma life throws at ya:

  • A shiny & sparkly bag to hold it all. It makes you look even more fabulous when you are holding it AND it could double as a clutch, and go with virtually any outfit, if someone were to ever need it!
  • Powdered Rice Papers. To touch up and blot away any sweat or oil, essential during outside events in the middle of summer. Especially important to use before photos to get rid of the shine!
  • Nail File. A snagged nail could ruin the night! And you dont want your guests wondering why you are picking at your nails at your wedding!?
  • Band-Aid. Those shoes are simply fabulous, even though they are ripping up your heels and toes. Put on a band-aid and keep on dancing!
  • Tide to Go. Great Uncle Joe is a bit clumsy, and as he goes in for a hug- he spills some red wine on your dress. No problem-o.
  • Floss. Nothing worse than having something stuck in between your teeth and not being able to get it!
  • Tissues. Someone will forget their hankie, trust me.
  • Bobby Pins & Hair Spray. You thought you had enough of these in your hair when you walked out of the salon? Think again! They will help give you a fresh look at around 10pm…
  • Hand Mirror. One last peek before you walk down the aisle!
  • Lancome Juicy Tube. No matter what your complexion/skin tone, this will add a bit of shimmer and perfection to your lips. Perfectly kissable for your new groom!
  • Advil/Tylenol. Hopefully we dont need this, but in case of emergencies!
  • Straight Pins & Safety Pins. This is the #1 go-to item in my bag, wedding after wedding! They have about one million uses and I think I have found 999,999 so far!
  • NOT PICTURED HERE, but usually a staple for me. A small sewing kit. Just enough needle and thread to re-attach a groomsman’s button or a hem of a ripped dress, etc. Home-Economics 101.
So there you have it! What would YOU put in your bag o’ tricks?!
Until then…aPp
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