February 2, 2012

A plan & A principle.

I found myself struggling yesterday. Struggling to stay focused, struggling to stay excited, struggling to stay motivated. Struggling to not lose my mind?! I decided to take a deep breath and walk away from my office for a bit. When I returned, I found myself heading over to aPp’s website, and staring at this:

It was JUST the push that I needed to get my head on straight. I reminded myself of all that I want to be and hope to be as a planner in this crazy business! I realized I have not been the most enthusiastic person I know. In fact, I was being a bit of a debbie-downer. I was not laughing nearly enough to keep myself sane and happy. And I was resigning myself too early to defeat when actually, nothing should be considered impossible until it proves to be just that.

So thank you Universe, for the kick in the butt. If there ever was a guiding path for aPp, I am betting on the one above.

Until then…aPp

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