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a Polished plan

is a premiere event planning boutique

serving all of Connecticut,

specializing in Fairfield County.

We offer a deliciously detailed

yet simply sleek approach

to coordinating the logistics

& design of an event.

The process is personal,

the service unparalleled,

& the passion abundant.

Leaving each event polished to a shine.

About Polished


Leading the polished team is Sarah Taggart, an event planner extraordinaire with a serious love for a polished plan.

The love affair started Sarah’s freshman year of college when she joined a student event-planning group. After four years of planning the best student events for the campus community- she knew she had fallen in love with the world of planning. After college, Sarah embarked on a career planning conferences, meetings and tradeshows in greater Boston and abroad. A leap of faith, and the prospect of working with the cream of the crop, brought her to Connecticut with a position as the event planner for one of the most prestigious private country clubs in Fairfield County.

It was there that Sarah perfected the art of a Polished plan while coordinating hundreds of events each year, from intimate dinner parties to sophisticated corporate events and lavish weddings. On the road to launching a Polished Plan, Sarah forged partnerships with the most sought after vendors in both Connecticut and metro New York. The creation of a Polished plan perfectly blends together Sarah’s passion for the “little stuff” with her ability to envision, design, and execute the whole story of an event- from beginning to end. The results are meticulously organized, flawlessly arranged, and seamlessly orchestrated once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.

Meet Sarah

1) I love details. Specifically details which are color-coded and/or chronologically organized in an excel worksheet. Be still my heart.

2) I am the youngest in a family of 4 daughters. I grew up learning to speak up if I wanted to be heard, to appreciate the beauty of hand-me-downs, and to always be thankful for what I’ve got. Family is my center to which all else revolves.

3) The best word in the English language is “whimsy”. Just hearing it puts a smile on my face. My sister and I say it with a funny British accent. I think everyone should put just a bit of whimsy into each day.

4) I have an uncommonly strong love for Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Nothing says summer like a hot & humid night and ice cream.

5) I organize my closet and shoes by color, season and occasion. I have a constant to-do list. Organization is my serenity and clutter gives me a headache.

6) My heart goes ‘pitter patter’ for a man dressed in uniform. Spoiler alert: My husband is in the Coast Guard and I melt at the sight of him in uniform.

7) My everyday mantra is this: A little more right now, A little less what’s next. For someone in the business of planning ahead, it is an everyday challenge. But an important one.

8) It is a tie for my two most favorite movies of all time. Little Women or Steel Magnolias. They both feature incredibly strong lead female characters that I wish could be my friends in real life.

9) My style icon is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Jackie O. If I could !N have even ¼ of her incredible grace, demeanor and poise...I would be one lucky woman.

10) My favorite toy growing up? The “My First Business” set I got for Christmas when I was 8. When I announced that I would someday run my own company, no one was surprised.

The Polished Principle

Consider nothing impossible, treat possibilities as probabilities.

Make promises you can keep. If you say it, mean it, do it.

Treat every person you meet with dignity and respect.

Be the most positive, enthusiastic person you know.

Listen. Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.

Laugh a lot. Good humor will fix most anything.

Think big thoughts and relish small pleasures.

Commit yourself to constant improvement.

There is no substitute for hard work.

What is a Polished Plan?

The planning and design process for each event is unique but here are some ways in which we might help to tell the story of your event.

The Complete Story

We can arrange your seating chart while helping you fold laundry. Brainstorm creative ideas for place cards while getting a mani/pedi. Debate the merits of sit down vs. buffet dinner while sipping homemade margaritas. Looking for a new best friend?

Soup to nuts- you get it all. One event at a time, one weekend at a time, the Polished team is completely dedicated to your event, your vision, and your spectacular day. Every a la carte service described on Page 5, and more, will be at your disposal with no limits to what, when, or how we talk. Most importantly, you will have a friend and ally through the creative and logistical process as your polished plan takes shape. You are left with a once-in-a-lifetime personalized experience knowing that our team is seamlessly orchestrating every delicious detail of the day.

The First Chapters

You have a general date in mind, a vague idea of the vision for your event, and know your maximum budget but have no idea how to spend it. Sound familiar?

Enter a Polished plan. We will organize all your inspiration on those torn out magazine pages, find vendors and locations to bring your newly stream-lined vision to life, negotiate your contracts and maximize your budget. When it is time to say “see you later” (we never say goodbye!), we will leave you with a solid foundation from which to build your event, a sense of accomplishment, and most importantly a feeling of excitement about the fun that lies ahead...

The Grand Finale

Vendors contracted, check. A delicious menu, check. A generous helping of personalized details, check. But who is going to orchestrate it all for me so I can actually enjoy the day?

Enter a Polished plan. We will pull together all of your hard work over the last months (or years!) so we can seamlessly take over the management of your event. Our team will walk through every logistical detail of the day and create a meticulous schedule and timeline to share with all those involved. We will be the “go-to” for all vendors and will be on-site from beginning to end to oversee that every aspect of the plan is orchestrated “to a tee”. The final goal is to transition the details from your desk to the polished desk so you are able to enjoy your event and the love and attention you have put into it!

The Pages In Between

Need someone to hold your hand in the beginning and give you a pep talk at the end? But want the freedom to explore your creative energy in between?

This creates a partnership that will seamlessly blend the hard work and efforts that go into the creation and completion of an event. A Polished plan will be an active part, as described on Pages 2 and 3, in creating the foundation of the event and putting on those finishing touches to make it simply spectacular. However, this allows us to take a backseat during some of the potentially less active time that can happen in the middle of the planning process. But don’t fret- we will always stay available for consultations and questions, as they pop up!

Not sure exactly what services you need or want?

We can create a customized storyline to cater specifically to the support and budget you have in mind. Here is a sampling of some of the fabulous ways we can polish your event:

A la carte services

Budget creation, management & optimization

Detailed month by month planning guide

Location scouting

Vendor recommendation and selection assistance

Contract negotiation

Payment scheduling

Guest List/RSVP management

Tent design & logistics

Catering consultation & menu planning

Party rental coordination

Rehearsal ceremony and rehearsal dinner planning

Hotel & travel arrangements

Transportation logisitcs

Welcome Baskets & Favors

‘Weekend of’ & ‘Day of’ timeline creation

Catering/Banquet manager consultation

Full on-site management

Post-event budget reconciliation

a Polished Portfolio

photo by: Jamie Collins Photography photo by:Eye in the Sky Photography photo by: Bruce Plotkin Photography photo by: Snap! Photography photo by: Belathee Photography

Polished Praise

“You were nothing less than superb. You made yourself available for us all the time, answered every question, calmed our concerns and executed all our plans to the tee on the day…”

Sandy, Mother of the Bride

“You have the patience of a saint, and your calm demeanor helped to alleviate my pre-party jitters”

Jenny, Party Hostess

“I recognize the amount of requests that we had of you, and you handled everything with such grace. I am not sure how you are able to balance so much at once…but your professionalism blows me away”

Lindsay, Bride

“You have been a joy to work with these past six months and made the planning so much fun. Many thanks for allowing me to enjoy such an important occasion with my family and friends…”

Jane, Birthday Party Hostess

“Your cheerfulness and efficiency made my life so easy and I knew everything would run like clockwork…and it did.”

Katie, Mother of the Bride

"Having you to help coordinate all the little (and big) details really made the whole experience fun and easy. I don't know what I would have done without your advice and support... we're forever grateful for everything you did."

Emily, Bride

"We have been overwhelmed by the party goers enthusiasm for the production you and your team organized last Saturday. Please accept our gratitude for the way you managed what was a fluid (and occasionally random) planning process! The room was a work of art! You made Penny and our friends very happy and made it look effortless."

Charlie, Party Host

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